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Fuzz Club and The Reverberation Appreciation Society are proud to announce the third edition of our compilation series The Reverb Conspiracy. The fifteen outfits taking part to the third volume including Goat, Lola Colt and Singapore Sling are representative of the impressive diversity and quality of a scene that is much broader than its definition. While all of them are certainly inspired by Psychedelia, each one of them incorporates different elements of Blues, Folk, Rock & Roll, Stoner, Kraut Rock, Electronica, Noise, Ambient and more. All is impeccably delivered in a pure and honest DIY approach that is reminiscent of the early days of the Punk era.

For the third time, the cover was created by iconic Icelandic artist and Dead Skeletons leader, Jon Saemundur, aka Nonni Dead.

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  1. The Oscillation - No Place To Go
  2. Holy Science - Moon
  3. Deathcrush - You Now
  4. The History of Colour TV - Suddenlines
  5. Singapore Sling - You Drive Me Insane
  6. New Candys - Meltdown Corp.
  7. Sound Sweet Sound - Death Is On The Way
  8. Undisco Kidd - Green Like An Alien
  9. Camera - Ausland
  10. Future - Side Effects
  11. Mugstar - Hollow Ox
  12. One Unique Signal - Tungsten
  13. Goat - Hide From The Sun (Anton Newcombe Remix)
  14. Lola Colt - Away From The Water
  15. Francois Sky feat. Jeff Levitz - As We’ve Been As One