RVRB-029 : Holy Wave - Interloper

$23.98 - SPLATTER LP 150g Blue & Tangerine Splatter
$21.98 - 180g WHITE LP - Audiophile 180 gram pressing 
$9.98 - CD - Digipak CD 

$20.00 - T-SHIRT - Pre-order only colorway.

Starting in 2020, digital downloads are no longer included in our releases, find the album in your favorite streaming service here:



1. Schmetterling
2. R&B
3. Interloper
4. Maybe I Can Cry
5. Escapism
6. I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore
7. No Love
8. Hell Bastards
9. Buddhist Pete
10. Redhead


* The release date for this record has been changed to July 3, from the original release date of May 8, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the nature of making a splatter vinyl record, each record is one of a kind. The vinyl you receive may look very different from our photo. Splatter vinyl is more prone to surface noise and imperfections.