$10 - DIGITAL - Digital delivery of the album in 320 KBPS MP3 format.

$23.98 - VINYL - 180g white vinyl LP. Includes digital delivery of the album.


The Reverb Conspiracy Volume Two brings together 16 of Europes most interesting emerging psych bands in a scene that is quickly gathering momentum around the world. 

This double LP compilation will be available in a limited, hand numbered edition of 1,000 180g white vinyl with deluxe gatefold packaging and artwork from Nonni Dead (from The Dead Skeletons).

The Reverb Conspiracy is a co-release between Fuzz Club and The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Contains a download code for an MP3 version of the album.

Track List

A1 –The Janitors (3) - Mssg
A2 –Dark Bells - Wildflower
A3 –The Time And Space Machine* - Black Rainbow
A4 –Sonic Jesus - Reich
B1 –Acid Baby Jesus - Mesmerized
B2 –Electric Eye (2) -  6am
B3 –Tales Of Murder And Dust - Hypnotized Narcissist
B4 –The Cult Of Dom Keller* - No Where To Land
C1 –The Vagabond Stories - Mental Disfunction Mental Arrangment
C2 –Whistlejacket - March Hare
C3 –Pinkunoizu - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
C4 –Desert Mountain Tribe - Coming Down
D1 –Giöbia - Orange Camel
D2 –The Cosmic Dead - Mausoleum
D3 –The Woken Trees - Orders
D4 –Big Naturals* - Krautpunk