RVRB-004 : Christian Bland & The Revelators - Pig Boat Blues


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$17.98 - VINYL - Standard weight white vinyl LP. Includes digital delivery of the album. 

Christian Bland is best known as the guitarist for The Black Angels. His solo project, Christian Bland and The Revelators, highlights his signature sound and contributions to one of modern psychedelic rock’s biggest bands while providing an open canvas to explore different ideas and influences. Pig Boat Blues is a collection of 16 tracks recorded 2009-2011 at Laguna Studio in Austin, Texas.

Track List:

Side A

1. Say Hello
2. Black Crayon 
3. Candyland
4. Blue Glue
5. Flying Plastic
6. 13-Cent Killer
7. Panic Picnic
8. Shadow Child
9. Lies
10. CIA

Side B

11. The Beatles
12. Lara
13. Sounds Like 1969
14. Shark Attack (Seagreen/Red Water/Gray Sky)
15. Pig Boat Blues
16. I Look Thru My Window **

Includes Digital Download